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Starter Bundle - Araucaria 7 Frame

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WORTH €780.50 - PAY ONLY €695! (excludes VAT)

Dispatches in 1-2 working days.

Our popular Starter Bundle is now available in our Flow Hive 7 Frame sizing (equivalent to the traditional 10 Langstroth frames sizing).

The complete Flow Hive Classic 7 Frame features our patented Flow Frame technology and with a saving of €85.50, the Starter Bundle is a beekeeper's dream.

This bundle is perfect for beekeepers who are getting started with Flow for the first time and:

  • would prefer extra space in their brood box,
  • find 10 frame Langstroth sizing suitable for their local climate, and/or
  • would like to keep new equipment compatible with their existing 10 frame hives

Having an additional Flow Frame in your super also has the added bonus of collecting even more delicious Flow Honey!

This Bundle comes complete with safety gear and an additional veil, and ensures that you and your loved ones will Bee Prepared as you embark on the experience of beekeeping with Flow.

What’s Included?

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1 x Flow Hive Classic Araucaria 7 Frame

These gorgeous Flow Hives are constructed from premium Australian Araucaria, highly regarded for its stability & durability. A favourite with Flow Beekeepers since their release, these packages include an integrated pest management screened bottom board, observation windows, and our distinctive gabled roof, plus 7 revolutionary Flow Frames for easy harvesting.

Apply two coats of weather proof paint or varnish and they will be a stylish addition to your apiary or garden for years to come!

Each Araucaria Flow Hive Classic includes the following:

Does not include bees.
*Our display images are for illustration purposes only. We ship our Flow Hives flat packed and unsealed, leaving you with the satisfying experience of assembling yourself and beeing creative by painting or sealing it to suit your personal tastes.

1 x Organic Cotton Flow Beekeeping Kit - Includes Hive Tool and Gloves

Flow Hive technology drastically reduces the chance of being stung during harvest, however even the friendliest hive can get cranky sometimes. Luckily it’s easy to feel secure with our certified organic unbleached cotton suits – perfect for beekeepers who want to know they are well protected whilst performing routine inspections and hive maintenance. It also includes vented goatskin beekeeping gloves and a J-style hive tool handmade with German stainless-steel.

What size suit should I select?

1 x Stainless Steel Flow Smoker

A quality smoker is an excellent addition to every beekeeper’s kit. Featuring the Flow logo on its bellows, with this quality stainless steel smoker you’ll be able to calm your colony in style. Perfect for  small apiaries, it features a hook at the back, a ventilated insert for better airflow, and a wire guard to protect you against burns.

1 x Flow Veil

The Flow Veil is a comfortable, lightweight hat with an attached veil. Handy as a precaution for protecting your head and face when doing minor chores around your hives, or for giving to a friend to wear on an apiary tour. These veils offer convenient face protection, however are not suitable for use when getting up close and personal with an open hive or a cranky colony. One size fits most.

Why select a Flow Hive Classic 7 Frame over the Classic 6 Frame?

Can’t decide which Flow Hive size is best for you, then consider if these things are relevant to you:

  • You want the maximum amount of honey? The extra Flow Frame means you get more sweetness for your buck!
  • You already have traditional 10 frame Langstroth hives? Consistent sizing (for aesthetics or mixing and swapping) may be important to you.
  • You live in a cooler area and are after more honey storage space for honey when you over-winter your hive.

    If one or more of these are important to you then a 7 Frame Flow Hive may be the better option.

    New to Beekeeping?

    Beekeeping is such a fascinating pastime enjoyed by people from all walks of life, the world over. If you've never kept bees before we suggest you check out this article for an overview of what to expect. We also have an educational Beginner Beekeeping series, included with your purchase which is free to watch at any time.

    Beekeeping suits and other personal protective equipment can offer excellent protection against bee stings, but are not 100 percent effective. It’s important new beekeepers exercise caution when tending to their hives and are comfortable with the fact that sooner or later, all beekeepers get stung. To be aware of the potential hazards, especially to children, check out this Flow sponsored safety pamphlet for an introduction to beekeeping safety and first aid.

    NB: Not available in conjunction with any other discount offer including Refer & Earn discounts

    Dispatches in 1-2 working days.

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