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Flow Frames

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Perfect for the beekeeper and tinkerer! A Flow Frame kit can be used with an existing Langstroth Super, you can modify yourself, or why not build your own? See our free box modification plans here.

Choose how many Flow Frames you want.

Flow Hybrid

Build a Flow Hybrid Super to harvest honey using the Flow system and still get 4 conventional frames of honeycomb.

  • 3 x Flow Frames - to suit an 8 Frame Langstroth sized box
  • 4 x Flow Frames - to suit a 10 Frame Langstroth sized box

Flow Super

Build a Flow Super to harvest honey using the Flow system. 

  • 6 x Flow Frames - to suit an 8 Frame Langstroth sized box
  • 7 x Flow Frames - to suit a 10 Frame Langstroth sized box

The patented Flow Frame technology is the most significant development in beekeeping since 1852. Manufactured in Brisbane, Australia, from durable, BPA- and BPS-free plastic, Flow Frames are taking the world of beekeeping by storm.

Ten years in the making, Flow Frames are gentlest way to extract honey ever conceived, for both bees and beekeepers alike.

The unique clear end-frame view allows beekeepers to observe their busy bees and see at a glance when the honey is ready.

Then it’s simply a matter of putting in the honey collection tube, then inserting and turning the Flow Key. The honey cells are split vertically and, when full, release around three kilos (6.5 pounds) of clean, pure, fresh honey, with no further processing or filtration required.

All Flow Frame packages come with the Flow Key and one Honey Collection Tube per frame. 

Beekeeping is a labour of love. As with all animal husbandry, it’s a pastime which requires knowledge, skill and dedication and which carries with it inherent risks. Check out this Flow sponsored safety pamphlet covering common beekeeping safety risks and first aid responses.


Dispatches in 1-2 working days. 

Type: Flow Frames

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