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Beekeeper Suit Fabric Sizing Chart / Old Chart

NOTE: this sizing chart is for the fabric ONLY and is now OUTDATED, it is not a body size measure, view the note on this here or go back to our beekeeper kits.

Main image for Beekeeper Suit Fabric Sizing Chart

Choosing your Beesuit Size

  • If you DO want your beekeeper suit to fit like an Armani, there’s more info on our Notes on Size Selections page. 

Honestly though, order the size that has you covered for “nape to crotch” and “waist”, and you’ll be just fine. 

Or go back to Beekeeping Kits.


Notes for Indiegogo Contributors ONLY:

If you purchased a beekeeping kit during our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign you will still need to email us your size before we can send out your bee suit.

Due to a limitation on the Indiegogo platform we could not set a size selection when purchasing, there are two steps involved in making sure you get the right size beekeeper suit for you.

STEP 1: Select your size from the chart below
STEP 2: Email us here with your sizing

STEP 1: Select your size

You’ll see in the chart below a whole bunch of measurements you can take to have a beekeeper suit that fits like an Armani.

BUT the only ones you REALLY need to get right are “nape to crotch” (N) (this is the most important) and “waist circumference” (W).

If you’re in any doubt, go bigger than you think you will need. 

If your doesn’t match straight up with your and your other measurements, don’t worry. Just go BIGGER. No one in the history of beekeeping has ever regretted buying a baggy suit.

STEP 2: Tell us which one(s) you want

We’re providing a full range of sizes from XXS-5XL. 
Pick one.

Then click HERE to email us with the size you want, or click on the sizing title to pre-select your suit size e.g. 'XS' or 'L'

TIP: You MUST use the same email address with which you ordered your suit. It’s our only way of matching everything up correctly.