Attention all foodies!

Want to capture unique seasonal flavours from your own garden?

Flow Hives make backyard beekeeping so much easier.

Meet Head Chef Todd Knoll from Jordan Winery who draws daily inspiration from his one-acre garden. Todd’s aim is to highlight all the flavours of the Sonoma, California region, so when he wanted to incorporate a sweet touch, he installed three Flow Hives in his restaurant garden. Check out why Todd thinks “it just made sense”.


Interested in Farm to Table?

The growing demand for homegrown produce combined with an awareness on the negative effects of refined sugar and artificial sweeteners is leaving many cooks in a pickle, as they strive to find alternative sweetening methods for their favourite recipes.

Everyone loves a sweet treat, but how can we indulge without compromising our health and is it possible to find a solution in our own garden?

Many people are turning to honey as an alternative, however not all honey is created equal.

Commercially sold honey is often adulterated with sugar syrup, contains harmful pesticides, is heated during extraction which kills all health benefits, and is usually from an unknown source.

So how can you source premium honey with a difference?

Until now, beekeeping has been a hobby only practised by a dedicated group of people, requiring lots of space, time and additional expensive processing equipment.

But not anymore...

Beekeeping used to require hours engaged in sticky time-consuming work, lots of heavy lifting, often resulting in bee stings and lots of dead bees.

A Flow Hive takes all the hard work out of harvesting honey. By simply turning the Flow Key, the Flow Frames are activated and pure, fresh, locally sourced, unfiltered honey runs out of the hive and into your jar.

The gentlest method of honey harvesting ever developed, the Flow Hive can be used anywhere – from rooftops and balconies to backyards or acreage, this elegant system eliminates the need for a lot of space and for expensive and cumbersome honey extraction equipment.

Do you love to sample seasonal variation in the foods that you eat?

Imagine being able to taste what is flowering in your local area.

With a Flow Hive, you’ll be able to experience flavours foraged from blooms in your region to create your very own unique honey blend.

From the zesty delights of a nearby citrus orchard to the herbaceous and floral notes of lavender, honey harvested from a Flow Hive is raw and completely unprocessed, making it superior in flavour to commercially produced honey.  

The ability to retain the authentic floral characteristics of the nectar from which it was produced, opens up the possibility of including unique flavours such as rosemary honey, or linden blossom honey to your next menu.

Do you have a desire to create your own ingredients?

Flow Hives are now in use by over 65,000 people around the world in over 130 countries!  This easy honey harvesting technology has inspired thousands of new beekeepers to discover the fascinating world of bees and now they’re reaping the rewards.

Much like fine wine, Flow harvested honey is a taste sensation! You can enjoy the individual nectar sources your bees visit by harvesting one Flow Frame and enjoying its delicious and unique flavour.

So why does it taste so good?

A Flow-commissioned study by the University of Queensland found “Flow extraction method yields honey with fresher, cleaner flavours then conventionally extracted honey”. 

Restaurants, hotels and renowned chefs are loving the unique individual honey flavours.

Restaurants, resorts and guest houses are using Flow Hives as a point of difference. It allows them to give their guests an authentic food experience when they can see honey being harvested and then enjoy it in the food served to them.  

"The Flow Hive makes it so easy. Guests love it when we tap some honey with them." – Tony, The Sounds Retreat, Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand

“It’s an alchemy of flavours, that’s what cooking’s all about. And it starts with ingredients like this.” – Gary Mehigan, Australian Masterchef

So why choose a Flow Hive?

  • The gentlest method of honey harvesting ever developed.
  • Eliminates the need for a lot of space.
  • No expensive and cumbersome honey extraction equipment needed.
  • Can be used in small backyards, rooftops, balconies, or on large properties.
  • An environmentally regenerative hobby.
  • Gentle on the bees and the beekeeper.
  • Suitable for beginner or experienced beekeepers.
  • Product guarantee and exceptional customer service.
  • Educational material included with purchase.

Want to learn more about how to get started?

Check out our Getting Started Beekeeping page here.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never kept bees before, Flow will support you along the way. We have a swarm of resources available to ensure you’re first foray into beekeeping will be a positive one.

Get started with confidence
  • An amazing customer service team – ask us anything!
  • FREE informative beginner beekeeping videos
  • Weekly Facebook lives where you get to ask Cedar, the Flow Hive inventor, your questions and have them answered in real time
  • Access to the Community Forum – gain support from the Flow community with lots of experienced beekeepers all around the world
  • An excellent quality guarantee with an international warranty and the highest levels of quality control and personal attention every time

Invented by a multi-generational beekeeping family, our award-winning design has been tested in the field for over a decade, so you can be sure your beehive is not only beautiful but that its innovative design will work as promised!