Flow Hive harvested honey - unique flavour in every frame

Pure, unfiltered, unprocessed honey – that's what you get from a Flow Hive.

Our revolutionary system lets you harvest your honey one frame at a time. This way you can appreciate the unique flavours and subtle aromas of your local area. Taste the seasonal differences in nature's blooming bounty!

Bees forage on a wide variety of flowering plants, but they tend to fill cells in succession one frame at a time. Each honeycomb frame can look, smell and taste unique.

Now, with Flow’s patented technology you can harvest in small batches direct to your jar. Without the blending of conventional harvesting, you can experience the subtle (and sometimes not so subtle!) seasonal variations in colour, flavour, and bouquet. The distinctive flavours in each jar of Flow Hive harvested honey will reflect your specific location and seasonality of the nectar flow in your environment.

Flow harvested honey excels in University taste test

A University of Queensland study has confirmed that you really can taste the difference in Flow harvested honey. Read the abstract here.

Harvesting honey used to be difficult, but not anymore...

Beekeeping used to require hours engaged in sticky time-consuming work, lots of heavy lifting, often resulting in bee stings and lots of dead bees.

A Flow Hive takes all the hard work out of harvesting honey. By simply turning the Flow Key, the Flow Frames are activated and pure, fresh, locally sourced, unfiltered honey runs out of the hive and into your jar.

The gentlest method of honey harvesting ever developed, the Flow Hive can be used anywhere – from rooftops and balconies to backyards or acreage, this elegant system eliminates the need for a lot of space and for expensive and cumbersome honey extraction equipment.

Flow Hive gets Masterchef foodie's nod of approval

Flow harvested honey is ready to eat straight from the hive without the blending, heating, and oxidisation associated with conventional harvesting methods. This allows the distinctive notes to shine through and enables you to get a variety of flavours from a single hive. Check out how impressed Masterchef’s Gary Mehigan was when he visited our office to experience a smorgasbord of sweetness from a Flow Hive harvest.

Honey tasting anyone?

Did you know that you can trace the origin of your honey by analysing the trace of pollen it contains?

Why not host a honey-tasting evening with your friends? Tasting honey can be as fine an art as wine tasting, and your guests can drive home afterward! It's a great way to enjoy and show off the unique aromas, tastes and colours of your very own Flow Hive harvested honey.

So don't settle for humdrum honey, experience the wide world of flavour that a Flow Hive can offer you and your loved ones!