Flow Hive Honey - unique flavour in every frame

Back in Julius Caesar's day, honey was so exclusive it could be used to pay taxes! Imagine if that were still the case?

Anyone who’s tasted honey harvested from a Flow Hive knows it's pretty special and some might say it's even worth its weight in gold. This has been backed up by the numerous prizes the Flow community has won for their honey around the world, the premium prices they receive for their single source honey, and the look of sweet delight on people’s face when they taste Flow Hive harvested honey.

What they’re tasting is the story of the bees and the flowers they’ve visited to create that pure golden goodness, and it doesn’t get much purer than honey from a Flow Hive. It’s honey in its rawest form—unheated, unfiltered and straight from the hive to your jar (or onto a piece of toast), still warm from your bees.