Flow in Europe

Stuart Anderson visits the Kingston Beekeepers apiary in London

Stuart Anderson, co-inventor of the Flow Hive visited Europe for a speaking tour from April-June 2017. He visited a string of local apiaries managed by beekeeping associations across the UK and Italy, and presented at events in England, Berlin, Barcelona & Milan.

Stuart shared a personal account of the journey from invention to the unexpected global crowdfunding success. The Flow Hive took a deep love and understanding of beekeeping and a decade of work with his son, Cedar, to create. Since it’s launch in 2015 the Flow Hive has become the hive of choice for tens of thousands of beekeepers around the world, thanks to it’s unique frame system which makes honey harvesting easier on the bees and the beekeeper.

Touring with a Flow Hive Classic in Western Red Cedar and the UK National Flow Super, Stuart met new and experienced beekeepers to answer their questions and give those unfamiliar with Flow technology a chance to see how it works for the first time.  

Find a Flow Hive in the UK

Stuart had the pleasure of meeting with each of the beekeeping associations shown on this map and supporting them to receive a Flow Hive or UK National Flow Super to use in their apiary. Look here for a beekeeping association to share your Flow beekeeping journey with. If your local beekeeping association is not on the map and would like to be, check out our Beekeeping Club Support Program.

View a demonstration Flow Hive or Flow Super in the apiary at:


“This tour was a chance to understand how well the Flow system was understood, what we could do to make it better and for me to learn about the methods of beekeeping in Europe and the UK. I am indebted to the many people who took the time to explain their beekeeping approach, the obstacles they face and ways in which they have been creative in overcoming those obstacles.

Beekeepers from all walks of life went out of their way to ensure that the talks, accommodation, etc went smoothly wherever we went. It was a tremendous treat to meet these people and I feel so grateful for their generosity.”  - Stuart Anderson, Co-Inventor & Director

Flow Hive European Tour April-June 2017

  • April 7-9:
    British Beekeepers Association Spring Convention,
    Newport, Shropshire, UK.
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  • April 21:
    Edinburgh Beekeepers Association Meeting, 
    The Eric Liddell Centre, 15 Morningside Road, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. 
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    • May 1:
      Epping Forest Beekeepers' Association Meeting 
      EFBKA Apiary, London, England
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      Photo credit: Paul F Abbott: Photographer & Beekeeper, Chairman to Southend on Sea Division of the Essex Beekeepers Association.
      Photo Credit: Paul F Abbott, Photographer & Beekeeper, Chairman to Southend on Sea Division of the Essex Beekeepers Association.

    • May 6:
      Somerton Beekeepers Association Meeting,
      Somerset, UK.
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    • May 8-11: 
      Global Food Innovation Summit,
      Milano, Italy.
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    • May 20:
      Barcelona Honey Festival
      11 am - 8 pm Parc de la Ciutadella Poblenou, 08003 Barcelona, Spain
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    • June 3: 
      Bridgend Beekeepers Association Meeting, 
      Coytrahen Community Hall, Wales, UK. 
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    'What a lovely man and story.  It was great so hear how tenacity can bring good designs. I hope Stuart is successful.'

    'Thank you for the talk by Stuart yesterday - what an inspirational man! I loved hearing his story and the hive is amazing. I am seriously tempted to get one ... '

    A big thank you for arranging for the Flow presentation on Saturday afternoon at our Apiary.  Now we have seen the Flow Hive for ourselves and even been able to quiz the inventor too, with all our ...  questions. A great afternoon was had by all.

    • June 9-10: 
      Royal Horticultural Society Flower Show,
      Chatsworth, Derbyshire, England, UK.
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    • June 11: 
      Summer Talks Program at Kew Gardens,
      More Info


    Stuart Anderson speaks at the Epping Forest Beekeepers' Association

    Video captured by Association member Paras Shah and shared to our Forum - UK Flow keepers - check it out!' 

    Part 1

    Part 2