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Flow Bee Suit Hood – Clear View

Suit Model

Ever had trouble spotting your queen or confidently identifying larvae when looking through the mesh of your bee suit hood?

Flow's newest innovation, the Clear View Hood is designed to give you the best possible vision when up close with your colony.

A new type of bee suit visor, the Clear View Hood features clear PVC for viewing and mesh on the bottom third to optimise ventilation, keeping the beekeeper cool while having amazingly clear vision.

The hood is manufactured from a combination of 3-layer mesh and GOTS organic cotton to increase airflow while offering the best in sting prevention.

Extra Face Panel to suit your needs

The Clear View Face Panel zips out to remove and replace with an alternate mesh panel according to your needs:

  • 1 x Clear View Visor – perfect for close up work or in low light
  • 1 x Mesh Visor for full ventilation and all other tasks

Which version is compatible with my existing suit?

The Clear View Hood comes in 2 versions to ensure all who love our Flow Bee Suit range can wear it.

Version 1: The ring pull on the zipper is attached to the hood.Compatible with our current bee suit range and all suits manufactured after 2017

Version 2: The ring pull on the zipper is attached to the suit. Compatible with all suits manufactured before 2017, however, is NOT compatible with our founding supporter suits (made from bleached white cotton).  Please contact our support team if you wish to purchase a version 2 replacement hood.

Please note: The product is not suitable for our range of children's or toddler's bee protection items.

This product needs to be used in conjunction with an existing bee suit and does not offer adequate sting prevention as a stand-alone product.


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