How Flow Works


The Flow system is a whole new way of extracting honey from European honeybee hives.
Of course, you’ll still need to look after your bees, as the brood box stays the same and when it comes to taking care of bees, there’s much to learn.

But the world-first Flow Frames have revolutionised the honey-extraction process. We’ve built an artificial foundation from BPA- and BPS-free food grade plastic, manufactured in Australia, on which the bees build their comb.

Plastic foundation in beehives is nothing new, but we have almost completed the cells, which the bees happily fill with honey, and cap off.

The crucial difference is that once the honey is ready and all the cells are capped (which you can see through the clear end-frame view and side viewing windows without pulling apart the hives), you split the cells vertically, cracking the caps.

With the cells angled down, the hexagons turn into vertical channels, gravity does the rest of the work as the honey flows down the frames.

Don’t worry about the bees getting squashed. We’ve designed it so no bees get harmed when the mechanism is activated, with little gaps they can safely hang out in while the honey flows out.

It’s easy and amazing to watch! Watch this video of Flow Hive co-inventor Cedar Anderson extracting the honey for a good look at how it all works.


Previously known as the Complete Full Flow Hive, this is the signature kit that made Flow a household name. Perfect for beginners or the most experienced beekeepers, the world-famous Flow Hive Classic comes complete with a Flow Super, full complement of Flow Frames and everything you need to get started – except for the bees.

The Classic arrives as a flat pack for easy assembly. Watch this video and find out what’s included in this internationally best-selling kit. The one in the video is western red cedar, but the hoop pine version is otherwise exactly the same.

Hoop pine is a quality cabinet timber that complies with national and international sustainability standards.

Apply a couple of good coats of quality house paint, and a hoop pine Flow Hive Classic should last many years.