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Flow Hive Hybrid – Araucaria 3 Frame

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The Flow Hive Hybrid beehive gives you the best of both worlds—fresh, natural honeycomb and pure, unfiltered honey on tap straight from the beehive.

  • Suitable for beginner or experienced beekeepers who want to experience the ease of harvesting with Flow with our entry-level beehive

  • Perfect if you want to collect honeycomb in addition to delicious Flow Honey

Combining Flow technology with traditional wooden frames in your Flow Super allows you the flexibility to harvest honey on tap from your Flow Frames and delicious honeycomb from your wooden frames.

PLUS, includes FREE Organic Cotton Flow Veil – valued at €24!

How does it work?

The Flow Super is specially modified to house three Flow Frames centrally, which are flanked by two timber foundationless frames on either side so the bees can draw their own fresh honeycomb.

This has the added benefit of offering you the ability to move wooden frames between the super and brood box which can be useful for beehive management.

The side observation window allows you to watch your bees building their honeycomb, and the rear harvesting door (smaller than on a Classic Super), allows you to observe and harvest your Flow Frames.

Fresh honeycomb!

The Flow Hive Hybrid is a wonderful addition to any apiary, providing the ability to collect delicious honeycomb. Organically built by nature’s little engineers and constructed in natural-and-perfect hexagon shapes, honeycomb is bound to entice and inspire those who you choose to share it with.

Perfect for families & children who may never have experienced the delight of fresh, warm honeycomb from bees, which—in addition to being delicious—makes a great gift for friends and neighbours.

Honeycomb is also a firm favourite with gourmet food-lovers, it can be served on cheese platters, as a lush breakfast or after-dinner spread, or enjoyed on its own for its chewy sweet simplicity.



FAQs on Flow Hybrid

  • How much honey / honeycomb does the Hybrid produce?
  • How to collect honeycomb
  • How to add the Hybrid super to your brood box
  • Hybrid Beehive / Colony maintenance
  • Managing Cross comb
  • Here's what’s included:

    • Flow Hybrid Super (Araucaria) to fit 3 Flow Frames and 4 brood frames
    • 3 Flow Frames
    • 3 Flow Tubes
    • 1 Flow Key
    • Base with screened mesh
    • Gabled roof
    • Inner cover
    • Queen excluder
    • Brood Box (Araucaria) sized to fit 8-frame Langstroth
    • 12 standard Langstroth frames with comb guides
    • Printed operation manual

    Comes flat-packed and unsealed, leaving you with the satisfying experience of assembling yourself and bee-ing creative by painting or sealing it to suit your personal tastes.

    Timber components and Flow Frames ship in separate boxes.

    Does not include bees! Click here for info on how to get bees.

    Why get a Flow Hive?

    Bees are fascinating!

    Flow Hive is so much easier for the beekeeper, and so much gentler on the bees.
    Watch through the side and rear window and see all the girls making honey!
    There are just so many intriguing things that bees do - the learning never ends.

    Delicious honey, directly into your jars

    Easily harvest pure, unheated, unprocessed, untouched, raw delicious honey directly from the hive! No mess, no fuss, no expensive processing equipment, and much more gentle on the bees than conventional harvesting.
    With Flow, you can fill just one small jar from part of a frame and bring it straight to the kitchen for breakfast, or harvest one or more Flow Frames and share it with your friends!

    Isolate all the different flavours of the seasons

    Because you can harvest single frames directly into your honey jar, you get to taste all the different flavours of the seasons without the blending, heating and oxidisation associated with conventional harvesting methods.
    Bees tend to fill frames one at a time, so each Flow Frame will reflect the flowers that were blooming when it was filled, allowing distinctive variations in colour and flavour to shine through.

    Share the experience with your friends

    With Flow, harvesting honey is now something you can easily do with friends and family.
    To share the experience and gift honey to your friends is one of the great things about keeping bees.

    Pollination. Education. Wonder!

    Bees play a huge role in pollinating the food we eat.
    Keeping bees brings awareness to the cycle of life we all depend on.


    Crafted from sustainably harvested Australian Araucaria (Hoop Pine), using precision laser manufacturing.

    Araucaria is a premium Australian native cabinet timber, highly regarded for its stability & durability. To ensure it lasts a long time outdoors, two good coats of quality weatherproof sealant such as exterior house paint is a must. You can be as creative with the paint job as you like!

    Read more about sealing your product here.

    Timber included in this product is made from naturally grown resources - each hive will be slightly different in character. Please see our FAQ for more information on our natural timber characteristics.



    Made in Australia from durable, highest quality food-grade, BPA and BPS-free plastic, Flow Frames have taken the beekeeping world by storm.

    We have worked hard to ensure that our Flow Frames are manufactured from the very best food grade materials.

    The clear viewing ends of the frames, as well as the honey tube and caps, are made from a virgin food grade copolyester. The manufacturers have assured us that it's not only BPA-free, but it is not manufactured with bisphenol-S or any other bisphenol compounds.

    The manufacturers also advise that third-party labs have tested this material and the results have demonstrated that it is free of estrogenic and androgenic activity. The centre frame parts are made from a virgin food grade polypropylene which is also free from any bisphenol compounds and is widely accepted as one of the safest plastics for food contact.

    Plastics have been used for many years in beehives for both brood and honey combs and have not been found to have a negative impact on bee colonies.

    Store Flow Frames in a dry, cool, dark location out of direct sunlight when not in use. You can find further information in our FAQs.

    Beekeeping is a labour of love. As with all animal husbandry, it’s a pastime which requires knowledge, skill and dedication and which carries with it inherent risks.

    Our unique Flow 3-layer mesh beekeeper suits provide the best available sting prevention and are purpose designed for functionality.


    Check out this Flow sponsored safety pamphlet covering common beekeeping safety risks and first aid responses.

    How it works

    Our invention - the biggest innovation in beekeeping for 150 years - was originally launched in 2015 through a record-breaking crowdfunding campaign.

    “This has all come about because of our love for the bees and an acknowledgement of how important they are, not only to the food we eat, but to all life on Earth.”
    - Stuart Anderson

    “If we look after the bees, they’ll look after us. And the honey really is an amazing bonus.”
    - Cedar Anderson

    It’s hard to think of a more rewarding hobby than beekeeping.
    However, extracting honey from a conventional hive used to be a real labor of love...

    It was hot, sticky, heavy work, involving special equipment and lots of squashed bees.

    Not anymore!

    After a decade of tinkering, my dad Stu and I invented the beekeeper’s dream – the Flow Hive.

    It makes harvesting honey as simple as turning a tap and watching as up to 3kg of pure fresh honey pours out into your jar from each Flow Frame. And because it’s completely unprocessed, it tastes amazingly good!

    How Flow Frame works

    New to beekeeping and not sure where start?

    Beekeeping is such a fascinating pastime enjoyed the world over by people from all walks of life.
    Learning about looking after your bees is a fascinating and truly rewarding experience. They are amazing little creatures!

    We love welcoming new beekeepers worldwide into the Flow family and have a swarm of resources to assist you in your journey.

    Included with the purchase of any of our Flow products is support from our knowledgeable Flow team via:

    • Getting Started - What You Need To Know

      A handy interactive guide explaining the basics of beekeeping.


    • Regular Q & A 'Facebook Live' events

      Weather permitting, the Flow team host weekly question & answer Facebook-live events. Jump online and have the opportunity to have your question answered.

    • Support from our awesome team

      Have Flow-related bee questions? We’re here to help, and operate during Australian business hours, Monday to Friday.

      • Email - Our friendly support staff will get back to you ASAP
      • Phone - Kick back and have a good old chat with Trace
      • Live chat - Get fast answers to your buzzing questions


    • FAQ

      Official Flow answers to frequently asked questions.

    • Community Forum

      Ask general questions regarding beekeeping, and have them answered by the worldwide Flow community – or read through different topics to find your answer!