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Base & Stand – Flow Hive 2+

Dispatches in 1-2 working days from EU

Purchased a Flow Hive 2 Brood Box & Super separately, but realised that you'd benefit from also having the Flow Hive 2+ Base?

This upgrade kit is just what you need.

What's included?

Western Red Cedar timber base, multipurpose pest management tray, metal screen, rear vented cover, spirit levels to create the optimal slope for harvesting, landing board, and an Integrated Adjustable Hive Stand with Ant Guards.

*This accessory is best used with the Flow Hive 2 Brood Box, however, can be used with any Flow Hive or Brood Box model – please be aware that there may be some discrepancies in the width of the box to the base.

What size do I need?

Confused about what size to get? Don't worry we get it! Our Flow Frames are slightly wider than traditional wooden brood frames, so for an 8 frame Langstroth hive, 6 Flow Frames are used to completely fill the super.

The 6 frame base is compatible with:

  • Flow Hive 2 – 6 frame
  • 8 frame Langstroth beehives

The 7 frame base is compatible with:

  • Flow Hive 2 – 7 frame
  • 10 frame Langstroth beehives


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