The sweetest gifts this season

The gift that gives back

When you add a Flow Hive to your yard, you’re not only boosting the pollination power surrounding your hive, but also for blooms within a 10 km radius!

One of the greatest benefits of keeping bees is the effect that they have on the surrounding flora. But it’s also so much more than this.

As you start to attune to your bees, you’ll become more aware of what forage is available – what’s flowering and when – and you’ll start to understand how important abundant, clean food sources are.

Don’t be surprised if your new connection to nature inspires you to encourage your neighbours to put the sprays away!

Join a community of inspired and engaged beekeepers all around the world who are doing their part to make a difference for pollinators.

With over 100,000 Flow Hives in use in over 130 countries, that’s a lot of impact!

But with the help of our community, we’re also doing a lot more.

Through our annual Pollinator House fundraiser, along with 50% of profits raised from our online beginner beekeeping course, we’ve given away $1 million in support of pollinator habitat protection and advocacy programs around the world.

That really is giving back!

Possibly the sweetest reward for your efforts, a healthy hive can produce up to 21 kg of honey every time the Flow Super is full!

The best part is that you’ll be able to harvest fresh, unprocessed, unfiltered honey, straight from the hive in a way that is so much easier for the beekeeper and so much gentler on the bees.

There’s nothing like tasting the seasonal flavours that are unique to your own backyard. You’ll have honey for your pantry and for gifting, for years to come.

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